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Important Dates

 Trosper Archery Members Meeting

    Monday, August 3, 7:00pm
    Trosper Archery Club Park
    2201 SE Grand Bvld, Oklahoma City, OK


Regions State Tournament

  Saturday, July 25 & Sunday July 26, 2015

  Trosper Archer Club Park

  Shotgun start 9:00 AM both days......Two Ranges

   Must be qualified to shoot for Buckles and money

 State Field Tournament  (rescheduled)

  Saturday, Aug. 22 & Sunday Aug. 23, 2015

  9:00 AM Start Time--Both Days---Must shoot all 3 rounds in 1 day

   Field Round      4 arrows at 14 targets

   Hunter Round   4 arrows at 14 targets  

   Animal Round   1 Arrow at 14 Targets


State Target 900 NFAA

Saturday Sept. 12 or Sunday Sept. 13  Start 9:00 am both days


Welcome to Trosper Archery

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Membership Info

Annual membership runs from Jan. 1,  to Dec. 31 in that calendar year.  Membership entitles each member, daylight access to the range every day of the year. The combination to the gate lock is changed on the 15th of Feb., which usually allows members enough time to renew their memberships, and avoid being locked out when the combination is changed. The range is open to the public on weekends, but is subject to a daily fee for non-members. Anyone wishing to join may do so at the range.

2015 Membership ( annual WORKING ) Fees:

Individual     $45

Family          $85

2015 Membership ( annual NON-WORKING ) Fees:

Individual     $120

Family          $200

              Membership Application Form Link

              Safety Code Link

If you have questions regarding Trosper Archery Club, please contact:

Trosper 2014 Officers

    President Kasey Gipson 405-823-0940
    1st Vice President Bryan Carlton 405-313-7788
    2nd Vice President Charles Morgan 
    Secretary Betsey Kulakowski
    Treasurer Mikel Flores 405-810-8500
    Membership Director     Eric Canaday 405-313-9729

Trosper Archery Twitter address: @OKCTrosperArch

Trosper JOAD Twitter address: @Trosper JOAD

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